Ecomythic Psychodrama

Geoff Berry with Julie Lacy, Internationally Renowned Psychodrama Facilitator

Ecomythic Psychodrama offers you keys to create lasting connections

with the more-than-human powers of nature and the universe.

Join an intimate group of co-explorers in an atmosphere of 100% support and commitment

to your wellbeing and evolution as a conscious individual.


Hong Kong: Friday 29th and Saturday 30th January, 2016

Venue: The Good Lab,

L1, The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, West Kowloon.

HK$3300 or HK$2900 Early Bird by 31sr December 2015.

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For more information please see the Ecomythic Psychodrama page here

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Dr Geoffrey Berry’s ecomythic view of humanity and the personal psyche has been widely published in academic journals and is now being offered to the public in a unique workshop format, where his principles and research content are combined with the exceptionally dynamic techniques of psychodrama – a creative action based modality that brings personal and collective story to life via dramatized enactment. 

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Julie Lacy is a UK-registered psychodrama psychotherapist, writer, and educator. Utilising the synergy of a group process, Julie directs and co-creates with participants to provide opportunity for exploration, raised awareness, and transformation. Geoff is particularly pleased to be working with Julie on the EMPD workshops, saying that "Julie is brilliant at supporting participants in their self-explorations and her combination of openness to the meaning of whatever arises plus the atmosphere of complete safety she provides participants with makes her the perfect person to help shift us into the ecomythic dimension."

Both facilitators have roots in Melbourne, Australia, and travel worldwide sharing their knowledge and passion for a deeper experience of being human on earth.


Testimonials from the inaugural workshop in Melbourne, November 2015:

"Thankyou to Geoff Berry and Julie Lacey (and fellow workshop attendees) for an incredibly inspiring weekend! It was a privilege to be part of such profound and pioneering work. I walked away feeling not only more connected to myself but also to the natural world around me. Through exploring and integrating the 'here and now' with the 'more than human' elements of existence I feel more open hearted, grounded and connected. From this place I truly believe infinite change and transformation can begin, not only personally but rippling out into my community and from there potentially the world. To combine ecology and mythology and to explore it on a personal level is an unbelievably powerful gift. When we take time to listen to ourselves and to the world around us anything is possible. Powerful work indeed :) With thanks always." Briony Tronson.