Ecomythic Psychodrama - a workshop like no other

Internationally renowned agents of change Geoff Berry and Julie Lacy join forces to facilitate a new workshop program they have named Ecomythic Psychodrama. This process offers you the key to create lasting connections to the more-than-human powers of nature and the universe.  

During this unique process, psychodramatic action techniques are utilized in a journey of self-exploration.  Your story is further extended by relating to the ecomythic paradigm, which couches the individual psyche in a biodiverse ecosystem of elemental, animal and other sentient intelligences. 

Carl Jung’s principles from depth psychology inform the premise of the workshop, and are integrated with earth-based practices that expand our relationship with nature and the other, including the conjunction of opposites and shadow work.

Join an intimate group of co-explorers in an atmosphere of 100% support and commitment to your wellbeing and evolution as a conscious individual.

After these two days you have the opportunity to leave knowing how to keep yourself in touch with higher and deeper powers, where every day you are reminded of your personal archetypal link to the sacred realm of meaning and purpose.  

Outcomes may include but are not limited to:

·      renewed faith in our innate healing powers

·      more consistent connection to the natural world, including earth and the starry night

·      deeper relationship with the psyche beyond ego

·      more flow in life

·      ways of working with synchronicity

·      embodied identification with the unceasing drive to flourish and be well

·      more real sense of presence, even when life seems chaotic or destabilizing

·      enhanced vitality and resilience

·      new ways of actualizing your core dreams, values and aspirations

Put simply, the Ecomythic Psychodrama experience can support you to know yourself in new ways, indivisible from the mysteries of life and death, as a breathing aspect of the unfolding cosmos getting to know itself in its human form.

 See Offerings page for dates and venues or contact Geoff if you would like to book a workshop for your group.

 The Ecomythic Psychodrama Team:

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Julie Lacy is a registered psychodrama psychotherapist, educator and writer, with a performance arts background.  She is consistently rated as an innovative, creative clinician, and teacher of the highest rank, both in Australia and abroad.  An expert in the dynamic techniques of psychodrama – a creative action based modality that brings stories to life via dramatized enactment – Julie facilitates an engagement with spontaneity, play, drama, narrative, and performative ritual.  This process aims to connect us to Self and to Other.  It provides a safe framework for exploration of the unconscious; it opens our psyche to myth and symbolic language, and may spark deep insight and preparedness for change.  The benefits from this work often include healing and transformation, and living an authentic, conscious, loving life.

Julie’s work settings have included prisons, hospitals, schools, universities, theatres, television, and government and non-government agencies in the arts and health sectors.  She was the founding director of the first London Playback Theatre, has written for and performed in theatre and TV, and has co-written a chapter in Healing the Inner City Child: Creative Arts Therapies with At-risk Youth (JKP).

Julie works in Australia, Asia, and Europe.  She has extensive experience working with trauma survivors, and is a Group Facilitator for Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service.   She also has a private practise in Melbourne.

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Dr Geoffrey Berry has a vision to combine his deep awareness of mythology, mindfulness and the traditions of nature wisdom to respond to challenging times with poise, generosity and empathy.  His PhD explored the symbolic aspects of light, his MA was a creative investigation into underworld journeys, and he has variously been Chairperson of the Melbourne Zen Group, owned and operated an arts business, managed a Higher Education institution, and taught many forms of literary and cultural studies, including history and philosophy with themes around myth, symbol, ritual, archetypal psychology, cosmology and consciousness.  He has been presenting and writing on the ecomythic paradigm for over a decade (see for more).

For more information on Geoff’s work please see: and for speaking engagements and Skype mentoring sessions, contact Geoff directly on

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