The Ecomythic is the dimension where we can listen to the other voices in nature. This is where the human psyche lives in a biodiverse ecosystem, alongside other types of intelligence, such as the wisdom of other animals, plants, rivers and stars. In the Ecomythic vision, our personal consciousness remains awake to the fact that we learn from all creatures and form the earth itself – and it enters into this conversation, a process that is perfectly suited to the active process of Psychodrama. The Ecomythic accepts that the more-than-human world in which we live (that sacred nature that we can intuit within and recognize without) is better considered as an ecosystem of living beings in an arrangement of extended kinship, rather than sets of resources available to the use of humanity for our own benefit. In this it learns from the wisdom of indigenous lore and taps back into a way of being that survives deep within our beating hearts – a way that respects the archetypal powers coded into our cultural DNA, which arise spontaneously in our dreams and meditations, and speak to us from the land and beyond. But the Ecomythic is not only private and personal; it respects the sociocultural and environmental influences that frame the ways we experience life, it just asks that we take our place as ecologically informed human beings dedicated to the flourishing of all life. This works at individual and collective levels:

·      as people, we recognize the need to keep moving ‘from ego to eco,’ placing the needs of a flourishing ecosystem before our own personal desires; and

·      as a society (or global network of societies) we choose to adapt human industries to planetary limits.

This kind of environmental ethic is increasingly accepted for its long term logic and ‘enlightened self-interest.’ The Ecomythic goes further into often hidden realms of the human psyche, to sing the song of the earth: to the mythic realm that speaks of sacred sites, of artistic intuitions that go beyond the merely human, of poetic longings to feel more at home in our bodies, in our communities, on our planet, as if we really belonged here and weren’t just interlopers out for what we could get. People waking up to this facet that is missing from their lives will find in the Ecomythic a response that:

·      is secular, with no particular religious denomination or philosophical loyalties (except to works that support a flourishing biosphere for all)

·      appeals to the intelligence as well as the heart, body and soul; and

·      can be explored by anyone willing to do so.

What the Ecomythic does ask is that we treat the more-than-human world with respect, if not reverence, while continuously awakening to the fact that rational thinking (for all its value) has its limits and that mythic thinking offers complementary qualities for a more whole and rounded life. The Ecomythic links us to deeper levels of the material world of our natural and built environments, as well as to the less tangible worlds of our imaginations, our feelings, our hopes and fears and potentials. It draws on spiritual and mystical traditions, religious and philosophical thought, the history of civilization, the arts and technological development, and of course the last century or so of psychology.

© Geoff Berry 2015