The City Living, Nature Calling ecomythic documentary film series answers the question: What kind of cities - and what kind of planet - do we want to see in the future?

With recourse to an impressive array of experts, City Living, Nature Calling presents possibilities towards life in better balance with nature!


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City Living, Nature Calling Episode 1 coming soon: Promethean Creativity and Ecological Crisis

In the first episode of CLNC, Geoff introduces the idea that we have always lived in close contact with nature but that cities insulate us from having a more intimate relationship with it. This helps us to understand why we haven't yet changed in line with what we know about anthropogenic climate change. Because we are still in thrall to the myth of the city! This is the modern myth of the eternal feast, the great dream that we could live without want, free of the limits and challenges of nature. This deep dreaming begins with the agricultural revolution around 10,000 years ago and is amplified out of sight by the industries that rely on the burning of fossil fuels, which have risen in recent centuries. In just a speck of a moment in the ocean of evolutionary time we have burnt so much of this beautiful planet to the ground - now is the time to change!

But this change requires a new story, one powerful enough to displace the old myth of endless progress and the eternal feast. We need to know what climate science has to tell us but we also need a positive image to work towards. City Living, Nature Calling provides both. And it does so with recourse to both modern life and our deep, ancestral stories - the myths that have inspired us through the ages. Geoff introduces a meditation on the Greek demigod Prometheus and his relation to modern technologies, while adding a discussion on Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's influential Gothic anti-hero Dr Frankenstein (whom she labelled 'the modern Prometheus'). Armed with his PhD and MA in creative mythic literature, Geoff takes us on a journey through deep veins of culture and the dire warnings of contemporary climate science, while film maker Darcy Gladwin adds a cinematic flow of imagery reminiscent of the audiovisual poetry of Koyanasqaatsi and the films that followed it (Powaqaatsi, Baraka and Samsara to name a few).

Episode 1 expert interviews include:

Professor Will Steffen, climate change scientist at the Australian National University.

See his Wikipedia and Climate Council pages. 

And introducing Professor Barbara Donaldson, expert in urban planning and planetary limit, Canberra University.


The Continued Story: As filming continues we also intend to include Australian Aboriginal elders and cultural leaders, urban permaculture designers and workers in environmental areas like food sovereignty, climate miles, renewable energy and more.